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TU's "On The Rise" - Rainbow Trout & Peacock Bass

Tue Jul 10 at 03:11 AM

Don't miss this 2012 episode of Trout Unlimited's "On The Rise" TV show, starring host Jed Fiebelkorn as he fishes with Grand Slam Fly Fishing Destinations guide, Nigel Warrack on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Following an unexpected late-winter rainstorm, Jed and Nigel test their fly fishing skills on both Largemouth and Peacock Bass on Kauai's largest freshwater reservoir. Learn about the 50th state's TU chapter - the Waikahe' Olu chapter #403 - and their ongoing conservation efforts to preserve and protect Rainbow Trout that were initially introduced to Hawaii in the 1920's, coupled with grass-roots conservation efforts to annually eradicate invasive ginger plants before they can choke off the three Kauai trout streams and their riparian habitat that continue to sustain natural salmonid reproduction.

Yes.  There are trout in Hawaii.  Host, Jed Fiebelkorn beats the winter blues with a trip to the country's most isolated TU chapter, located smack-dab in the middle of paradise!

On The Rise is Trout Unlimited's acclaimed TV show airing on The Sportsman Channel. Episodes air weekly on Sunday (7:30 am), Monday (10:30 am), and Thursday (6:00 pm) - all times Eastern Standard Time.  Check out all 2012 episodes of Trout Unlimited "On The Rise" at

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