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Introducing the Hawaiian Bonefishing Club

Tue Apr 21 at 12:10 AM

Become a member of the Hawaiian Bonefishing Clubâ„¢ today. This club is designed for the serious saltwater angler with a passion to stalk, hook and land bonefish in paradise! Membership packages are available in 5-day and 10-day packs, with priority booking privileges, cancellation and rebooking due to weather at no penalty, and a discount on daily guided fly fishing rates. Days of guided fly fishing can be split across multiple visits and/or shared with several anglers.

The Hawaiian Bonefishing Club™ is the first club of its kind designed exclusively for the serious saltwater fly fishing angler with a passion for pursuing the Grey Ghosts of O'ahu, Moloka'i and/or Kaua'i. 

With every passing day the bonefish (called O'io in Hawaiian) of Hawaii are receiving acclaim as a legendary saltwater gamefish. Hawaiian bonefish average 4 to 8 pounds, with numerous fish easily exceeding double-digits and measuring over 30 inches! When conditions are right, the flats off the south shore of  Moloka'i are home to world record class fish. And stories where an angler on O'ahu becomes an 'Ace' -- by landing and releasing five or more bones in a single day -- are not fairy tales. However, with a steep but necessary learning curve, the most productive and proven way to stalk, hook and land these magnificent fish is to spend multiple days on the water. Hawaii is a very technical saltwater fishery and the fish, tides, off-shore structure and ever-changing weather all pose significant challenges. Statistically, those hiring a guide are much more successful landing bonefish than those opting for the do-it-yourself approach. And those spending multiple days on the water are exponentially more sucessful than those squeezing a single day in during a family vacation or at the end of a business trip.

The Hawaiian Bonefishing Club™ is designed specifically for the angler who wants to spend multiple days on the water in Hawaii in pursuit of bonefish -- either on a single visit or across multiple trips.  It is tailored for anglers who love this fishery and want to learn about it through practical experience, while improving their saltwater casting and angling skills with some of the best guides in the industry.

As a Hawaiian Bonefishing Club™ member you will receive:

Prioirty Booking - on your preferred date(s) and with the guide of your choice

Flexible Scheduling - spread your days of fishing over multiple visits and/or between more than one angler

Flexible Re-scheduling - cancel and rebook due to bad weather at no penalty

Discounted Rates - receive the equivalent of between one half (1/2) and 2 1/2 days of guided fly fishing for FREE when you purchase a 5-day or 10-day package, respectively


5-day package: $1,750.00 (savings equivalent to 1/2 FREE day of guided fly fishing)

10-day package: $3,000.00 (savings equivalent to 2 1/2 FREE days of guided fly fishing)

Note: lodging, meals (breakfast & dinner); use of a boat or kayak, and inter-island flights are available at additional charge.

To join the Hawaiian Bonefishing Club™ contact Grand Slam Fly Fishing Destinations at (808) 224-2035 or via email at