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Trevally is a species of fish belonging to the jack family. There are three species of Trevally in Hawaiian waters: Giant Trevally (Ulua in Hawaiian); Bluefin Trevally (Omilu), and Golden Trevally (Budaguchi). Small Trevally of any variety are called Papio in Hawaiian. They possess superior swimming abilities and power to hunt and smash baitfish. If it doesn't engulf its prey within the first strike, the prey is usually stunned or dead from the impact of the strike. Trevally have immense power which can be attributed to thick shoulders and midsections of muscle and large, almost paddle-like pectoral and tail fins. They have a wide distribution, existing in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans; and are usually found as far south as central Australia, east to the Hawaiian Islands, west to the eastern islands of Africa and north to Japan. Habitat ranges from estuaries to coral reefs and drop-off/channels. Caution is recommend when holding a trevally due to the sharp scutes (along the posterior portion of the lateral line and continuing along to the tail) which can inflict significant pain.
  • Trevally
    Caranx ignobilis / megampygus / sexfasciatus / Gnathanodon speciosus

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