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Tarpon are one of the world's premier saltwater gamefish. They possesses some of the foremost qualities of a world-class sportfish: they are large, very strong, challenging to hook and land, often targeted by sight casting in shallow water, and a spectacular and acrobatic leaper when hooked. Tarpon are most common in estuaries and coastal waters, but also occur in freshwater lakes and rivers. They are generally limited to temperate climates and are most common from Virginia to Brazil, throughout the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, and off the west coast of Africa from Mauritania to Angola. Tarpon are covered with large, plate-like silvery scales and has a deeply forked tail fin and a huge mouth with a projecting, upturned lower jaw. Most Atlantic tarpon range between 40-50 pounds, with frequent specimens in the 60-100 pound class, and the occasional giant surpassing the 150-200 pound range.
  • Tarpon
    Megalops atlanticus

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