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Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout are native to the west coast of North America from Mexico to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and have been successfully introduced throughout the continent. Rainbow trout are predominantly green and silver in color, have irregular shaped black spots on their back and sides, and have radiating rows of black spots on the tail. They have no teeth or tongue, and are most recognizable by the crimson, pinkish or reddish horizontal band running the length of their lateral line from gill cover to tail. There are two distinct strains of rainbow trout: the steelhead (ocean going) and the McCloud (freshwater). The largest variety (or subspecies) of rainbow trout is the Kamloops - found mostly in British Columbia. Rainbows often put up spectacular fights when hooked, frequently making a series of acrobatic jumps.
  • Rainbow trout
    Oncorhynchus mykiss - formerly Salmo gairdneri

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