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Peacock bass

Peacock bass are famous for their explosive surface strikes, spectacular fighting prowess and are extremely intelligent and territorial. Its name derives from the large, conspicuous, gold-ringed, black mark on its tail, which resembles the vivid 'eye' on the beautiful plume of a peacock's tail. Males develop a distinctive fatty lump on the top of their head during spawning season. Peacock bass are not true bass, and actually comprise a family of fish known as cichlids. Peacock bass subspecies include: speckled, black-barred or 3-barred, butterfly and royal. They are highly temperature sensitive fish that have been successfully introduced in tropical regions from Panama to Hawaii. However, no permanent populations of the larger subspecies, known to reach sizes over 20 pounds, exist outside the Amazon River basin and Lake Guri. Peacock bass are commonly known by their Portuguese name, Tucanaré, in Brazil and Peru, while most Spanish speaking countries use the term Pavón.
  • Peacock bass
    Cichla temensis / orinocensis / monoculus / ocellaris / intermedia

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